Executive Committee

This committee is empowered to study all recommendations of standing or special committees and submit proposals for Board action.

The Executive Committee acts for the Board as a whole, as specifically authorized by Board-approved Bylaws, and as empowered by the Board of Trustees, and in keeping with legal requirements of government.

Designated to expedite the proper operation of the Board, this Committee is empowered to study all recommendations of Standing or Special 

 Committees and submit proposals for Board action.  Additionally, the Executive Committee is responsible for evaluating all fundraising projects as proposed by the Hospital Administration and Board.  

Committee Members

The Executive Committee is composed of the Officers of the Foundation, the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees, the Hospital Administrator and others as designated by the Board of Trustees

Alice Milligan: Foundation President
Alice Milligan
Foundation President
Jim Raggio: Vice-President
James Raggio
Gary Williams: Foundation Treasurer
Gary Williams
Foundation Treasurer
Marilyn Oliver: Foundation Secretary
Christine Fanello
Foundation Secretary
George Stillman: Chair, Investment
George Stillman
Chair, Investment
Heather Woolsey: Chair, Membership
Heather Woolsey
Chair, Membership
Tyler Perry: Chair, Development & Finance
Tyler Perry
Chair, Development & Finance
Shannon Marshall: Chair, Education
Shannon Marshall
Chair, Education
Stephen “Steve” Popkin: LVMC Chief Executive Officer
Stephen “Steve” Popkin
LVMC Chief Executive Officer